Gender Neutral Cowl, Infinity Black Faux Leather, Metallic Snap, Modern, Cozy Men / Women Winter Gift, Neck Warmer Scarf, Unisex

Proveedor Kat Germosen

Our Infinity Scarves are crafted with care, using repurposed fabrics from vintage ponchos that have been handpicked and handcrafted to create a truly unique product. Each scarf is made with 100% vegan leather and is designed to fit most women, men, and teenagers.

We are proud to have created these sustainable scarves using high-quality, pre-loved ponchos that have been transformed through upcycling. By choosing one of these scarves, you will make a fashion statement while also reducing waste and protecting the environment in style.

Women/Men Length: 58 in (147.32 cm) Width: 8 in (20.32 cm)